Do App Download Numbers Actually Matter?

When you deploy your app and kickstart the marketing and advertising campaign, you begin tracking a set of metrics to measure the achievement of your application. But all the things depends on how you define accomplishment and on your vision of the app’s objectives. There is no app owner who doesn’t want his creation to come to be an overnight sensation with a million downloads. But are these download numbers that much crucial, can you rely on them to state with confidence that your app is prosperous? Are there characteristics that demand extra focus? appear shows that download numbers cannot be the only metric to rely on. They never show the actual worth of your app, especially if compared with other important metrics. In some way they can be rather delusive. Let’s see why they can not show anything definite, if regarded on their personal.

Why App Downloads Are A Delusive Metric

Right after you launch the application, the very first couple of weeks typically show the download boom. You promote it, help it, appear by way of the initial evaluations on app retailers and maybe tech blogs. But an app that is downloaded does not necessarily get launched a launched application is not necessarily employed at least once what’s extra, an typical app has a major chance of under no circumstances becoming applied extra than as soon as. That is why tons of downloads do not specifically mean that your app is terrific.

Folks have a tendency to download plenty of apps, but soon may possibly get tired of the gathering excess on their homescreen. It really is difficult to catch consideration with something that is continuously rolling inside the abundance of similar-structured pages on application stores. Even harder it is to retain users’ attention.

Analytics tools do count downloads but don’t count deletions. This makes the download metric even more vague even though it constantly grows. App downloads do not tell you anything that will assistance make your app greater. You needn’t learn also much about them, you will need to know extra about user behavior and collect feedback.

There Are Things That Matter Additional Than Downloads

Even if the app gets downloaded, it can quickly be thrown away over a period of time. If it is not launched at after, customers may well forget about it and just delete later on. What matters here is the actual usage. How quite a few time do folks invest in your app? How effectively does it coincide with your personal calculations? There is an anticipated average time a user spends on an app, based on its objective, and that’s what demands to be measured and analyzed. Such issues are much more precious than bare numbers of downloads.

The app can be basically paid, which indicates direct revenues or it can be free of charge with an additional monetization model aboard, say, freemium. What ever, if it does not offer excellent user practical experience, it will not be a achievement. Downloads inform absolutely nothing substantially here again. There is a distinction in merely having an app sold by any implies and producing its users happier by the quite truth of its existence. Thinking extended-term, the latter is vitally vital. And if otherwise, if the numbers of downloads are not as massive as you anticipated, the app is not necessarily a failure.

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